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We are proud of The Loft and the community we've created here in the last 7 years we've been in business.

The talented, kind-hearted individuals we're lucky to have the pleasure to work with are our family.

That's why we can not stay silent.

Our stylists have over 1600 hours of sanitation up their sleeves. They, as always, go above and beyond to keep clients, themselves, and those around them safe and out of harm's way.

The newest regulations for salon openings is not only unrealistic, but disrespectful to the industry as a whole. It's a slap in the face of every stylist asked to work in a windy, dirty parking lot rather than a safe, sanitized, well-maintained, clean business.

We are devastated to be forced to reclose after 7 weeks of being open with not a single case reported. We have 12 stylists, 1 esthetician, 1 massage therapist, 1 naturopath & 2 receptionists that are no longer allowed to work or practice their craft safety.

We ask that California rectifies their mistake, of suggesting we work outside in an uncontrolled environment and mandate a true closure or let us work safely to support ourselves and our families.


We encourage other salons, stylists and personal care workers, and others affected to please stand with us and raise your voice.


Thank you for listening.










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